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Indonesian Bugil

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On this page we'll describe of our founding community. 
She's an expert of this reservation. You might deal with her....



Here we might describe of EVI her self.....she's the 30 yrs and have lots' experiences to escorted and companion all the expatriates big bos in Jakarta...Nowdays, she interest to make this community are available to reserve...We like clubbing and much amusement places to visit. BUT EVI more delighted to invite you come and join traveling with one of us to natural places and wonderfull island. So you will have private trip with our community



DINDA is our secretary...she will handle your reservation with carefully. Starting from accomodation at island, transportation, sea boat, and off course one of lady to escorted you. Even she most prefer to help your online reservation on behind desk, but she will enjoy to be choosen too with you Guys



While if you have enter page about us...then you must see my profile...I am 24 yrs and lovely to companion you to have all your great days at dream island. So come on just choose me....with love and hugh kiss....



I am the fresh person on this community but I have much experience to companion someone at the long nights. Dont try to reserve to other places..except the dream of thousand island...OK let's try to choose..babe

Please contact for further service