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This is the page where we'll describe the fresh person on this community

Hi...I am 26 years old...And I have nice personality eventhough that I am just the new and fresh on this experience. If you more to know my picture that you have seen on the above headline while you enter our website.....

I might also introduce about my personal history: I am 24 years old and fresh and real person on this community. You should more to know come on join to reserve me to companion you traveling to thousand island, peucang island at ujung kulon park.......I love wildlife and easy trek but i would more love to spend with some one gentleman like one of you ..guys'...More to know about me...Just contact us..>OK with love and hughkiss from me


Taking a break from work and let's we have pleasure and fun at dream island


I am migth be the charming lady on this comunity but forsure, please feel free to contact us

Call ME IVO........

Please dont be hestitate to choose me for companion you to visit dream island at thousand island.

Just call me Febby and more doubt of my body massage for you

Please contact for further service